What We Do

Thematic Focus

Promoting elementary education for children, both in rural and urban areas

Children’s overall development through promoting health and education

Community based primary health care facilities for the deprived communities

Combating deadly diseases through targeted intervention and educating people about the preventive measures

Empowerment of the society to achieve social, economic and political stability

Livelihood and sustainable agricultural practices

Entitlement realisation by the marginalized community

Long-Term Objectives

Empowering the community in a way that they grow with organisation's programmes in a systematic manner, active participation of the community and people-centric development will be the main motto of the programmes
Building and encouraging the community such that every member becomes a person who is self-governed and takes the decisions which trigger development
Facilitating the process of social conscience and social responsibility among general public such that they influence the political and social dimensions for their benefit
Creating innovative and sustainable development projects which can be replicated in other geographical regions
Facilitating a process of empowerment among the needy such that they acquire greater dignity and self-respect within themselves and in the community
To help the society, such that people get motivated and build a network among their reach which will lead to building their organisation at the grass root level
Strengthening the 'Panchayat Raj Institutions' through 'Capacity Building' of elected representatives and other stakeholders
Promotion of 'Micro Credit' and reconstructing the rural economy by initiating certain activities which generates capital and suitable alternative strategies which will be beneficial for poor
Protection of environment from degradation, reservation of ecosystem, conservation of forest, pollution control and educating the people about do's and don'ts during a natural disaster through different activities
To improve the health of the community by educating them about the preventive measures. Also, educating them about the importance of hygiene. Teaching people about diseases like Polio, Cancer, HIV AIDS etc. Helping differently-abled citizens by informing them about government policies and schemes which are designed for them specially
To improve the literacy rate of the region and providing non-formal education to dropouts. Making people skilled through skill development and relevant courses which are specially designed for their society
Establishing social cohesion by encouraging religious leaders and people from different communities to maintain unity in diversity

Karnataka, India