Our Core Values

Strengthening the weak section of society

Active participation in a sustainable process leads to empowerment of deprived and marginalized groups

Value based Education

Promote value based education for childrens and special focus is on the under-privileged section

Put women and children at the centre of all developmental initiatives

Transparency and Accountability

Maintain transparency and accountability in all programmes

Efficient and effective work by each staff through which professional standards of performance will be achieved

Teamwork and Commitment

Understanding projects very clearly and accordingly depicting the roles and responsibilities

Teamwork and commitment in the job assigned

Knowledge and Skill

Striving for excellence by regularly upgrading the skills and knowledge

Completion of a assigned job in alloted time duration


We celebrate equality and believe in giving a chance to grow from grass root level to every human

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved - Dr B.R. Ambedkar

Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration



Against Exploitation

Education for all

Trees do not preach learning and precepts. They preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life - Herman Hesse

Tree Plantation

Plant Tree

Save Humanity

Save Earth

Tree climbing training - A Sarthaka & Econut Collaboration

Creating 'Green Collar Jobs' after training

Also, 'Neera Training' is in progress

Friends of Coconut Tree

Advantages from training

How to climb

Gripping technique

Trainee's on the way

Distribution of inputs by 'Econut' to enhance production

Input Distribution

At Econut office

Inputs in bulk

Jotting down needs of farmers

People after recieveing the inputs

'Econut' educating farmers about the correct & profitable farming techniques

Awarness Camps

Hardworking farmers

Farmers gave their views on the techniques taught to them

Sapling of Coconut Tree distributed by 'Econut'

Coconut Sapling

Handling saplings to farmers

Sapling warehouse

Teaching farmers to the usage of saplings

Happy farmers

Relationship with Community

Sarthaka Foundation acts as both catalyst and facilitator when it comes to help the community. The organisation runs on a planned strategy to empower the fragile section of the society. This fragile section gets the correct information about their rights and a motivation to participate in the development initiatives. In compliance with the development process, the programmes are target oriented and sustainable. Also, these programmes get through a technical and economical feasibility test and made sure that its socially effective.

Every plan is sealed after getting a feedback from people and their perspective on deployment of the plan. Target groups are actively involved in the planning and implementation. Transparency is maintained throughout the implementation process and everyone gets a fair chance to anticipate in order to get maximum advantage from our programmes.

Karnataka, India