About Us

Sarthaka Foundation is a voluntary development organisation committed for people-centred development.

Sarthaka Foundation was established on 22nd December 2011, with the mission to empower the needy and unprivileged section of the society. Sarthaka Foundation is a non for profit non-governmental civil society organisation. At Sarthaka Foundation we believe in participatory approache and practice participatory methodologies for empowering the community.

Sarthaka Foundation is run by group of young, focused and dynamic individuals who cares for social concern and commited for social change. At Sarthaka Foundation we put self beliefs in underprivileged members of society such that they can take advantage of a given opportunity and become self reliant. We focus on mobilization of the community, educating them about the best practices and sharing the most relevant information which will help them to liberate from injustice, vulnerability and marginalization. Also, giving them an opportunity to grow their social & economic lives.

Sarthaka Foundation aims to educate, organise and empower the poor to promote people centric development which will act as liberating force to ensure social justice, economic growth and self-reliance.

Why Sarthaka

Our Vision

We envisage a society free from every kind of exploitation and injustice where everyone is satiate, employed, literate and gets maximum benefits from the resources.

Our Mission

To promote democracy with active participation of every member. Educate, organise and empower the rural poor who will act like a catalyst in future promoting gender equality, justice, social-economic growth and self-reliance.

Target Group

▪ Poor and Backward communities.

▪ Differently abled citizens.

▪ Seniour citizens who need support for survival.

▪ Elected members from local self-governance system.

Karnataka, India